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November 19, 2013 / Poooooooooonie

#12. Summary/Review

Ah, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Similarly, this blog has reached the end of its journey.

Looking back, I’ll have to say I wasn’t exactly enthused to have to do this blogging assignment; personally, blogging = talking about my own interests on my own time, and to have to churn out an entry weekly according to a specified topic was just so far away from my ideal.

However, I’ve come to realise that in being given a guideline and yet be allowed to talk freely about it, I’ve come to discover new things throughout the process of this blogging exercise. Going through the lecture notes as well as trying to find material to supplement my blog entries gave me an opportunity to discover new information I might not have found on my own. For example, when the idea of Google+ was introduced, I was sorely unimpressed by it. And yet, through what was told in class and through the videos i watched online, I was reminded of how it isn’t just a gadget created for convenience’s sake but an avenue through which a fresh perspective could be added to something already considered routine in our daily lives.

The reach of the Internet is far and wide and its impact can have many consequences. I think that one of the results of the prevalence of Internet usage amongst the current members of society is that we often forget how useful it is and how much convenience and efficiency it has brought to our lives. Sitting through this course has definitely brought me back to reality on that topic. On one hand, recounting its benefits would require more that the fingers and toes we have to offer: portability though its compact size as well as upgraded storage systems like cloud computing, and the makings of a smaller world through which we can much more easily communicate are just merely two of many more.

On the other, I’ve also definitely opened my eyes to the fact that we in fact are overly dependent on the Internet. In the TV show, Revolution, technology and internet comes to a halt, nothing electronic works – no handphones, laptops, not even digital photo frames, and everyone is forced to go back to basics. In a particularly memorable scene, an ex-Google programmer sits to the side as a farmer teaches children of the “new age” how to harvest their food, lamenting to another that his skills are worthless in this situation. If that were to happen to us one day, I wonder, how would we be able to cope? I fear that we might have become to reliant on technology that we’d cease to function entirely.

Ultimately, I am grateful for this course for giving me the chance of viewing the Internet in a new light, and for giving me the space to think about the topics we have learned in class and come up with our own opinions and conclusions through the outlet of this blog. I’ve tremendously enjoyed writing my views and ideas on the different issues, and I sincerely hope that any of you readers out there can say you’ve had a similar experience when it comes to reading my posts.

Of course, it’s pretty unusual to see any of my entries so devoid of the Tumblr gifs I so favour. That is why I will bid all of you readers out there goodbye in my usual fashion. Thank you for your time. 🙂

tumblr_mm5vtlDiRW1r5xzspo1_500 tumblr_mwggsgJr8d1qihji8o1_500tumblr_mvm4ww7Unp1qgnvmlo1_500


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