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October 10, 2013 / Poooooooooonie

#5. eLearning

You say eLearning and I say

* ~ H O L I D A Y ~ *



In all honesty though, I highly doubt you guys would firstly think of the aspect of going through lessons online using digital tech over the fun of getting to stay home from school. I remember whenever my teacher announced there was an upcoming eLearning week, my first reaction would be to think of all the things I could do during the “holiday”. Any (basically all) homework due would always be pushed to the last minute, when I’d buckle down in a frenzy to attempt rushing through everything in a very subpar manner.

HOWEVER, there is so much more to eLearning (which is obviously the point of this post, right): days off from school aside, eLearning is first and foremost a way of learning that is facilitated by the current digital technology and has become empowered by the internet. Through eLearning, we are afforded another avenue to gain knowledge without having to physically get up and go into a classroom. So what, you say? Oh, my friend, let me tell you the ways.

For one thing, it’s a chance for you to… attend classes in your pyjamas! No longer will you need to wash up, brush your teeth, put on make up, and frustrate yourself over what to wear in order to make yourself look presentable in lectures. No no no, all you’ll have to do is force yourself away from your warm and inviting bed, and drag yourself to your computer chair, crusty-eyed and all.


eLearning doesn’t just apply to a school/classroom context, but in general as well!. For another advantage of eLearning, it’s terribly convenient; the information you need is practically (I even dare say literally) at your fingertips! All you’ll need to do is work those finger of yours to pull up the corresponding digital windows of knowledge. Annnd lastly, by actively using digital resources as tools to gain knowledge, you will also pick up the skills needed that will bring you up-to-date with what the current professions require in employment. Now, doesn’t eLearning sound much more enticing, enriching, and satisfying? (I tried to think of a third word that started with “en” and fit the context, but no dice.)

Personally learning through online resources has opened a new world of opportunities for me. One of my first experiences with learning online was through blogskins; wanting to apply them to my blogs and wanting to edit so they could be customised to my own preferences meant I had to learn at least the basics of HTML. One thing I particularly liked about this was that there would usually be a “preview” option so I could see how the latest edit would turn out – that way I wouldn’t have to go through editing everything I wanted changed and then have to change everything again if it didn’t turn out as good as I imagined. Back then I mostly learned HTML through: 1. trial and error, and 2. sites that would have typed-out tutorials showing you the different HTML codes. That was back when Youtube was barely just starting; now this learning can be even more enhanced with VIDEO tutorials! A simple search on Youtube will easily get you many videos that can help with your needs. Video makes the learning a much more engaging experience because you LITERALLY watch and learn. I personally feel that being able to imitate helps make learning much more effective and gives better recall of skills.


Another way I’ve gained new knowledge or satisfied informational needs online is through online forums. You know how they say the Internet has made the world smaller because we can exchange information and ideas with not just locals, but also have access to people who stay in countries really far away? Through the online forums, if I have questions, I can gain insight not just from people who are from the same culture/background as me (as would be the case if I were to simply ask those close to me in physical proximity), but even from those who live in USA, Europe, and so on! To take another example from personal experience: recently I’ve decided that I want to go to Greece for my family’s annual vacation. My mother gave me the go-ahead, but she emphasised that I had to look for the necessary information on my own, such as whether it was safe to travel there during this period (especially due to the economy) and so on. No fear! With the use of Google, I managed to find Trip Advisor. By being able to read about the experiences of others who have traveled there in recent times, I was able to ascertain that it would indeed be safe to travel there. With the use of online forums, sometimes we can even learn information that we might not be able to know if we didn’t have online options.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 1.46.14 AM

I would say eLearning has its pros and cons, like pretty much every other viable methods of learning! I think a very big con of it is that, with access to the Internet, there is always the high potential that you’d get distracted and end up doing something else entirely unrelated instead; rather than convenience you’ll get inefficiency. This means that users will have to exercise self-restraint, of course. Ultimately, I do think the eLearning gives us an edge in learning opportunities that further the learning experience. Since the Internet is so widely used and so readily available to us, we might as well take advantage of this resource to the best of its capabilities! After all, as Phil says:



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